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Infidelity Hurts Awareness Day

Show Support... Bring Support... Be Support... Find Support

After learning of a partner's infidelity, the resulting emotions can be devastating. Some mental health professionals have even termed the experience Post-Infidelity Stress Disorder (PISD). We are seemingly bombarded with media reports of infidelity as if it is a newsworthy event to celebrate. The prevalence of infidelity will continue if we are silent; but, if we rise up, take a stand, and speak out, together we can raise awareness and offer support.

You are invited to participate in this movement whether you have been directly or indirectly affected by infidelity, know someone who has, reconciled a marriage or relationship after infidelity, or simply want to help bring awareness to the negative effects of this behavior on individuals, children, families, and communities. To make a difference, it all begins with one. Can we count on you on May 28, 2016?

How Can You Participate and Show Support?

Activities, no matter how large or small, can raise awareness of the devastating impact of infidelity. Choose from the suggested activities described here, or create your own to spread the word of the mission of Infidelity Speaks Awareness Day. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Paint the Town Yellow

The most basic way to participate in Infidelity Speaks Awareness Day is to have as many people as possible wear yellow on May 28, 2016. Publicity about the reason for wearing yellow—to show awareness of and support to those who suffer in silence as a result of infidelity. We want our entire community to know what Infidelity Speaks Awareness Day is about.

Spread the Word on Social Media

  • Like the Facebook page to show your support.
  • Change your profile picture to the Infidelity SPeaKS logo leading up to Infidelity Speaks Awareness Day and let people know its meaning.
  • Share the information with your social media community.

Call a Friend

If you know someone who might be suffering in silence resulting from infidelity, call and let them know that there is hope. Invite them to Infidelity Speaks Awareness Day. Offer your support by joining them at the event.

Attend the Event

Of course, we would LOVE to see you at the second annual Infidelity Speaks Awareness Day. Join us as we “Rise Up and Raise Awareness: Infidelity Hurts" in Washington, D.C. on May 28, 2016.

Add your voice by sharing the movement with friends, families, coworkers, etc. There are many individuals who are harboring emotions of blame, shame, pity, embarrassment, and self-defeat and need to be supported and encouraged. Together we can. Together we will.

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